king parrot cot converts to toddler bed King parrot cot converts to toddler bed

Whoever came up with the phrase had clearly been to North Wales. Sure it has some excellent attractions that do cost - but you don't need loads of money to enjoy some of the very best things to do. We are continually updating the list as we discover more FREE stuff so please bookmark the page and see how many you can tick off. You WON'T be able to do all the events straight away as many are seasonal but there should be plenty you can do right now.

The conditions for making the grade is that they are permanent fixtures or long-held events or traditions that take place at the same time each year and they don't charge. Among the things we've dug out are festivals, activities, ideas, walks, great places to visit and must-see attractions.

They span the whole of North Wales. And yes, we realise some of the options will involve car parking fees; while others may require a small donation please do donate if you can.

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  • Go beachcombing Shell Island Image: Jane Jones Come autumn and winter North Wales can get battered by some fairly hairy storms.

    They are dangerous but they can throw up some wonderful treasures from the sea. No where is better than Shell Island so named - not because it has a huge refinery - but because of the profusion and variety of shells to be found along the beach. Enjoy the marvellous rolling sand dunes before heading to the sea front and pick out some marvellous gems newly washed up - best be careful there's a few jellyfish as well.

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    But remember it is an island - and at high tide it is extremely inadvisable to cross the water which covers the road. Instead park up near the station and take the coastal path route walking past the Llanbedr Airport - one of seven places in the running to be Britain's first space port.

    Conquer a sea monster Image: There are plenty of ways to the top - but for hikers a gentle stroll - offers a chance to savour the flora and fauna - including some of its most famous residents, the wild Kashmir goats.

    You can even drive up too. More than years later and this incredible feat of engineering still has the power to instil awe and fear for those brave enough to cross it. At ft high this wonder of the Georgian age and World Heritage Site, to be found near Llangollen, is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

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  • Assuming that the dog had killed his heir the furious prince drew his sword and ran it through the animal. The boy was unharmed and nearby was the body of a wolf. The remorseful father never smiled again and buried his faithful pet at this spot.

    king parrot cot converts to toddler bed King parrot cot converts to toddler bed

    It was derived after local businesses and civic leaders were trying to think up ways to attract visitors to the town - the name, legend has it, came from a local cobbler. Today, the town boasts the longest domain name in the world with a total of 70 letters including the org. Oh and what does it mean?

    Mary's Church in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St.

    Today with a modern extension there are regular exhibitions, highlighting fascinating local history, and events make this a destination worth returning to time and again. We know that decorating your nursery is one of the privileges of being a parent.

    Tysilio near the red cave. Like a final show of defiance, nature gives us a last burst of splendour before succumbing to the onset of winter. Head to Conwy Valley to play among the leaves and catch the very best of what this wonderful has to offer like Tu Hwnt I'r Bont pictured above.

    Have a morning of culture Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno. Housed in a turn of the century building, to house the art collection of Lady Augusta Mostyn. Today with a modern extension there are regular exhibitions, highlighting fascinating local history, and events make this a destination worth returning to time and again. Plus a brilliant shop and a great little cafe. Get ready for action stations Moelfre Lifeboat launch At sea they risk their lives and you learn all about the heroic exploits of the brave men and women who dare to brave the elements to save others.

    It is fantastic well maintained attraction that brings in thousands of visitors each year. Plus a brilliant shop and a great little cafe.

    Watch recordings of famous rescues then take a short walk from the station along the coastal path to see where they took place. And low tide you can even see remains of one of the stricken ships.

    Now getting on board one of these magnificent machines is not cheap but sometimes you can get the most enjoyment as a bystander. One of the best places to see them is from Llandudno Junction train station a regular stopping off point.

    But for real majesty watch them crossing the viaducts at Chirk. Check online for steam railway times. Aaron Warren For many areas of the UK the sky at night is a relatively dull affair. Light pollution conceals the wonders of our universe so that only the very brightest of the celestial bodies have a chance to shine through. Head away from the towns and cities to catch the best of our solar system from shooting stars to the Milky Way, it is an experience that is beyond this world and one that may encourage any budding astronauts.

    The surprise may come in the fact that while there is an entrance fee to see the castle, a walk around the town walls is free. It is fantastic well maintained attraction that brings in thousands of visitors each year. Up on the parapets you get a unique perspective on the town, the harbour and offers magnificent views over the surrounding countryside.

    A steep climb in places it is well worth the effort but take care if walking with small children. Possibly the best time to go is out of tourist season when there are fewer visitors. Ruth Estimated to be more than 4, years old, the Llangernyw Yew is believed to be one of the oldest living things on the planet. Every year at Halloween it is claimed a voice foretells the names of parishioners who will die the following year. Time and pollution have dulled the exterior of this jewel of Denbighshire.

    Inside however and the beautiful gothic revival craftsmanship has lost none of its vibrance. The church contains no less than fourteen varieties of marble including pillars made of Belgian Red marble, a nave entrance made from Anglesey marble and shafts of Languedoc marble on bases of Purbeck marble.

    Hence its popular moniker The Marble Church. It also contains elaborate woodwork, and in the tower can be found windows of stained glass on the north and south sides, featuring Saint Margaret and Saint Kentigern. Housed in the former barracks for the Royal Denbighshire Militia which in turn was converted into a police station and court house, the building is part of the fabric town. There are plenty of interactive and family-friendly displays. The star exhibit is undoubtedly the 3, year old remains of Brymbo Man, one of the so-called Beaker people who was discovered at No.

    It also contains the Welsh Football Collection and Bakelite ware collection. It also contains a stylish award winning Bwtri Coffee bar and bistro. Locals gave this crescent-shaped beach its name because of the squeak or whistling sound that the sand makes underfoot. The sound comes from the peculiar shaped grains of sand being rubbed together when walked on in warm weather. The sound can be made by stamping or sliding the feet on dry sand.

    An excellent area for surfing too. Experience the hard life of Victorian workers National Slate Museum. See slate splitting by quarrymen and talks about UNA the quarry engine — where you can see how an engine actually works.

    You can hear the gripping Story of Slate, encompassing such great events as industrial unrest on the one hand, and the small details of everyday life on the other. Twitter Aficionados of such things say that Blue Pool, Golwern Quarry, above Fairbourne, Gwynedd, is possibly the finest spot to go wild swimming in Wales. Even so may be worth taking a wetsuit. For the less daring it makes a lovely picnic spot.

    There are plenty of other isolated spots around the region to take the dive. But do take care, there are no lifeguards to hand.

    Grab the tea tray! People having fun sledging down a hillside at Capel Curig When it snows head for the hills As always do take care. Visitors can follow the 55 bronze cast rabbit footprints discovering the connections of Alice Liddell the real Alice in Wonderland who lived in the resort in the s.

    You will have to pay entry for some but South Stack Cliffs on Anglesey, where among other things you can catch puffins, choughs and peregrines, is free for all to visit there is a fee if you wish to visit the lighthouse. Elsewhere there are dozens of species to spot and you might be lucky enough to catch the spectacle of a murmuration as thousands of starlings take to the sky to perform fabulous feats of acrobatic displays. Stroll the prom with old queen Vic The Victorian Extravaganza parade sees a number of people and vehicles walk through Llandudno each day.

    Look out for the big parade, vintage car processions, Victorian steam engines and a funfair, featuring many rides of the age, such as the helter skelter. The event is one of the highlights of the year for this queen of seaside resorts.

    Every year, after carols in Lancaster Square, Santa makes his annual appearance on the walls of Conwy Castle. With a ho ho ho and plenty of cheer, Old Saint Nick bids farewell to the crowds and the night sky is filled with fireworks.

    A must for any child and those who still want to believe in magic at this time of year. Spend a crafty afternoon in Denbighshire Image: Whether you have an interest in applied arts and just want to browse the fine craftsmanship on display or you are looking for a finely made gift to take home it comes highly recommended. The artisan makers put on weekend workshops - from textiles to jewellery - suitable for all ages.

    king parrot cot converts to toddler bed King parrot cot converts to toddler bed

    It also has a nice cafe. Bryn Celli Ddu, on Anglesey, is accurately aligned to coincide with the rising sun on the longest day of the year. At dawn on midsummer solstice, shafts of light from the rising sun penetrate down the passageway to light the inner burial chamber.

    It is an event that is celebrated by druids who travel to the site each year. Open Daily from 10am to 4pm except December 24, 25, 26 and January 1.

    CH7 5UB , not too far from Mold. Get buzzy in Conwy Image: Plus the plant stalls, home produce, and local bee-related crafts. If you are around in the Spring there is also the chance to catch another Royal Charter event, the annual seed fair held on March 26 27th if the 26 falls on a Sunday.

    Make a double date with a two headed lamb Brambell Natural History Museum stores and displays a vast variety of skeletons, skulls, taxidermy, antlers, eggs and specimens preserved in spirit jars. The museum is part of Bangor University and is still used as a teaching resource.



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