cot toddler bed ikea Cot toddler bed ikea

Ella had figured out how to climb out of her crib and it was only a matter of time before she fell and hurt herself. I knew that I wanted a bed for her that had a vintage feel, but wasn't too high.

Unlike our older daughter, Ella flails a lot in her sleep and we were worried about her falling out of bed.

This version has all sorts of add ons from drawers, to desks to play tents. Firmness Ratings Mattresses World aims to provide you with an indication of how firm each mattress will be.

I remembered that Ikea had a number of toddler beds so we went out there to look at them. I ended up loving the Minnen and we took it home and set it up that night. The Minnen Toddler bed is a low, adjustable bed, with two additional mattress sections that can slip in as your child grows.

Soft mattresses are recommended for the lighter to average weighted person. We even stock mattresses to fit IKEA bed bases which are of a specific size not always readily available through most retailers. We shortened the side of the top cot by cutting the cot bars and removed the leftover bars from the bottom rung and reattached it.

Since last February Ella had been sleeping on the main part of the mattress and the two additional pieces were stored away in her closet. The other night while I was tucking her into bed I noticed that she had grown so much that she was nearly touching the foot of the bed when she stretched out.

cot toddler bed ikea Cot toddler bed ikea

The side rails have two bolts on each side. You just unscrew them and slide the bed out a notch, then replace the bolts and the bed is extended to the next size up.

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  • It was really simple to switch the size and it didn't take very long at all. So, what you probably want to know is do we like the Minnen? Is there anything you don't like about the Minnen? A standard twin sheet will not fit properly on this bed. Ikea does sell fitted sheets that will fit the mattress, and we purchased a set, but the quality was poor and the jersey knit quickly got holes in it.

    Instead of using the sheets it comes with, I use a standard twin and tuck the excess fabric under the mattress. This works, but takes a bit of effort since the mattress rests on wooden slats and you can see the fabric hanging down under the bed if you don't tuck properly.

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    The bed is hard to make. I like a well made bed. I do in fact make all the beds in the house every morning. To me this is important, its a habit I grew up with and just can't shake even as a busy 34 year old mom of two. Because this bed has little scrolly sides, to make it properly the sheet and quilt need to be tucked in all the way around. This means I have to lift the mattress on three sides and tuck, tuck, tuck, then check to be sure that all the fabric is tucked properly between the mattress and slats so there isn't excess hanging down under the bed.

    Yes I know this could be seen as obsessive, but to me it matters! If this isn't something that would bother you, then it wouldn't be a problem, but it might just drive some of you crazy, so I think it's worth mentioning. Now the next question Would I buy this bed for my daughter again? Yes Again, let me explain I love the look of this bed so much that I don't mind the extra effort most of the time that it takes to make it.

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  • My daughter loves her bed. It fits her perfectly and I love that it will grow with her.

    cot toddler bed ikea Cot toddler bed ikea

    To sum things up, I think this bed is a great choice and worth the effort. I hope this helps you make up your mind if you're considering the Minnen!



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