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But I am shocked to discover the majority of my passwords are available online to anyone with an ounce of technical know-how. Worryingly, my passwords have ended up on a website on which information is traded by criminals.

The speaker rang the changes on I the superlatively superlative virtue of the voluntary system, and his reiterated remarks and harping on this one string were some- what monotonous. Sold in boxes, 4s. It seems we were not alone, with noticeably fewer cars dotted around the business park we inhabit.

Most of mine had ended up on a website the Daily Mail has chosen not to name, that contains a combined list of million breached usernames and passwords traded by criminals. But Luke quickly disabuses me of this notion. Apparently my number and private email address are available on the internet for all the world to see — leaving me an easy target for online fraudsters.

My details appear on a local community website, on which people sell second-hand goods, which I first used in to get rid of baby things my children Rosie, six, and Felix, four, no longer needed. Luke also found that Antonia's number and private email address were available on the internet for all the world to see file photo As I had to join the forum to place the post, I assumed they were only accessible to fellow members.

Luke throws me when he says he is a runner, too. Has he been spying on me jogging?

john lewis rachel cot bed dark antique John lewis rachel cot bed dark antique

It turns out he has found out I ran the London Marathon , through my fundraising page on justgiving. He also knows that I stopped drinking Arezzo coffee last year — he stumbled upon an internet post on the community website where I gave away some unused Arezzo coffee capsules after getting a new coffee machine.

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  • This information might sound innocuous enough, but apparently not. This is how people fall victim to fraud. They think there is no way a stranger could have that knowledge of them without being in a position of authority. For he not only knows the house number of my terraced London home, he also knows I have a red front door and windowsills that are well overdue a clean.

    The address was on online telephone directory Luke found Antonia's address on online telephone directory It reveals that I am not at home and provides a mobile number for the driver to contact me on. Once again, my fondness for selling second-hand belongings online — as so many of us do — has left me vulnerable. Without even thinking, I had conducted a conversation with potential buyers on the site disclosing this information, and anyone online can now see it.

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    Which makes me prime fodder for burglars. Estate agent records show how much we paid for the house and details on a property search engine Zoopla reveal an accurate estimate of how much it is valued at now.

    Anyone interested in assessing our worth could easily build up an impression of our lifestyle from this information. All courtesy of my Facebook account. Like more than half the UK population — 32 million and counting — I regularly log onto the social networking site. None of these was captioned and in any case, I thought I had my Facebook security settings fixed so only friends could see my posts.

    You can alter privacy settings on a post-by-post basis and you might have changed yours without realising it.

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  • I shudder, change my online passwords and security settings — and vow to think more carefully about what I post online in future. Use a combination of different letters and numbers for each website. Think carefully before you tick the box. Put a six-digit security pin on your smartphone to stop thieves from hacking into your personal data if it is stolen. Share or comment on this article: Thought you were safe online?



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